Buffalo Bounty Slots

The Buffalo Bounty is taking names and kicking butt. If you love a good history story then this is the one for you. With a volatility of over 96%, many players come because of the awesome payouts. The rustic design of this great slot game offers and exciting and different slot them that stands out from the others that you can come across. Check it out today to see if it is right for you.

<h2>Who the Software Provider is</h2>

The software provider of Buffalo Bounty is Dragon Gaming. They are not one of the biggest names out there but they provide great graphics and game play for all of the games they introduce. If you're looking for the next best software producer then Dragon Gaming games are where it's at.

<h2>Place Your Bets, Get More</h2>

When you want to place your bets and get more, then you should know more about how to do so. You can place one coin across ten different pay lines. This gives you different choices to go with. You can place bets between 0.2 and 40 credits at a time. The more credits you put down on the table, the more you're going to win back in the end.

<h2>What Symbols Come Around the Board</h2>

The symbols that come around the board are going to make all the difference. You want to check out the symbols and extras they have. There are classic card symbols that don't pay so much but they provide you with a good amount. You can watch as the K, Q, J and other card symbols come around the board. They have themed symbols as well such as the stag, fox, puma, eagle, and more animals.

<h2>Bonus Rounds Available</h2>

There are some bonuses that you can take advantage of. Theres no wilds but the skulls are scatters. When you land on the scatters, and you match up three or more; you trigger the bonus round that rewards you free spins. Get instant wins up to 200x your bet when you play on these bonus rounds. They offer a decent amount of money and it is free because these are spins on them that you don't have to place your cash down on the bet with.

<h2>Sign Up with the Buffalo Bounty Today</h2>

Choosing to play a slot game that is themed like this one is fun, so you want to take advantage of it. This one pays out well, provides great graphics, and is just as fun as many of the others. Now is the time to sign up with the Buffalo Bounty today and see how much you can win. They welcome one and all to get even more.