Gold Heist Slots

If you're ready for a fun slot game, you've come to the right place. You're easily able to enjoy all that comes from the use of the slot and the extras. Learning more about the Gold Heist Slots can help you determine if this is the right slot for you to play.

<h2>Who is the Game Maker of the Slot</h2>

Dragon Gaming is the maker of the slot game. You can expect, even though they're somewhat new, to get the best graphics and sounds. This is one of the best things to think about. When you're playing the game, you can expect to have a great time. They made it so that everyone who wants to play, even if they are new, can do so.

<h2>Place Your Bets at the Gold Heist</h2>

Now is the time to place your bets at the Gold Heist Slots. Suppose you want to know how you've come to the right place. You can put your cash down on the table and get the excitement that you need and want. With five reels, there are 30 pay lines that you are aware of on the board. See as they spin around, and you enjoy the excitement that awaits. Bet as low as one GBP or as high as 90 GBP. When you bet the highest amount, you get the highest amount in earnings.

<h2>What are the Symbols?</h2>

Knowing the symbols is always a great thing because you want to know what you're watching as they spin around the reels. The classic card symbols that you see on the screen are made up of the K, Q, J, ten, and A's. These don't pay as high as the themed symbols that pay a bit more. Since you're in the gold mines, you can expect to find a lot of gold nugs, even full carts of nuggets that are shining. The miners and their equipment are also shown. Watch as they spin around the board.

The bank and wild can pay up to 1000x your bet. This means if you put down the highest bet on all of the pay lines and you hit that multiplier, you're going to get the highest amount back that you can. Get the extras in hand when you're playing here.

<h2>Grabbing Those Bonuses of Gold</h2>

If you're looking for bonuses, now is the time to grab them. They offer three different bonus rounds that you can be a part of and open up. The cowboy with a gun is mean-looking but presentable when it comes to shooting straight ahead, and he opens up the first bonus that gives you chances to win both cash and even more spins.

When you land on the prospector scatter symbols, you're able to open the next. Then you can open the free spins bonus that brings even more to the table.

<h2>Sign Up to Play the Game Today</h2>

Now is the time to sign up and play the game that has your attention. It has all of the bonuses you want and more. WIn big, play hard and have a great time with the slot that welcomes you inside. Sign up with them today.