The Wicked Witches Slots

The Wicked Witches Slots has you wondering what type of spell you'll be under next. You're hoping it is a millionaire one. The witches are out there, and they're going to get you. They have everything brewing up for you to enjoy from time to time. Spin to win today and see where it takes you.

<h2>Who Made the Wicked Witches Happen?</h2>

The wicked witches are those who are going to be taking over the world. If you're interested, then know that the game was made by Habanero. This group of casino software developers has created some of the catchiest slots that you have ever played. If you're looking for something perfect for you to play that keeps you busy, you're in the right place. Read on to find out more.

<h2>Place Your Bets with the Wicked Witches</h2>

Now is the time to place your bets with the wicked witches, but just make sure you're placing them correctly. With this five-reel, 20 pay line slot, you can play a coin per pay line. The 3D graphics stand out and truly make it a great game to play. When you are placing bets, you can place as little as a penny or as high as 25 dollars. You can choose. Of course, the more you put down and bet, the higher your earnings are going to be if you win.

<h2>What Symbols to Watch for</h2>

The symbols are important to watch for. You want to make sure that you're watching as the witchy symbols come around the board—all of the ingredients, the witchcraft book, the cat, and the witch herself. Of course, there are classic card symbols that come around the board that can pay a bit if you want more cash in hand.

The fireplace and black hat are the highest paying on the board. The classic card symbols pay out 1, 3, or 5 times the amount of your bet if you land on the right signs together. The King, Queen, and Ace provide more, up to 15 times your bet. The wild symbol will give you 10,000 times your bet that is on the specific line.

<h2>Playing Any Bonus Games Available</h2>

There is a Wicked Witch Bonus feature that can be triggered and put up. When you land on the cauldron scatter icon, it bubbles over, and you're brought to a new part of the casino game. This is where you will play a side game and try your luck at winning even more cash in hand. Land on three or a few more of the symbols on the board, and you get to win free spins. The more free spins you win, the more you can win with them.

<h2>Sign Up with the Wicked Witches Slots Today</h2>

Now is the time to sign up with the wicked witch slots and see where it brings you. You might just find that signing up with the welcome bonus helps you get the fun and keep it going for some time. This is always a good feeling. If you're ready for the next chapter and to win, then they welcome you inside to sign up and start playing right away.