Winning Vegas Slots

From the moment the uptempo horn section hits, and it hits immediately, you know you're in for something grand. The board, a twinkling marquee itself, is situated above a bird's eye view of the mecca: Las Vegas. In Winning Vegas Slots, you'll be spinning your way through a classic set of neon symbols framed by two stalwart golden flamingoes. This rambunctious video slot experience has twenty fixed paylines, five reels, three rows, and a boatload of features that lead to ample opportunities to rake in jackpot-level winnings.

One of your most frequently spun features is going to be the Random Wilds Feature. Any number of symbols on the board could transform and payout, or not pay at all! The stakes are high in this dynamic game of chance. After each spin there's a chance to trigger the Random Multiplier Feature. This will provide a free re-spin, and add a random multiplier between four and fifteen. The payouts from this feature can be gargantuan, or relatively small depending on how you place your bets. The Matching Feature enables you to win for pretty every payline pattern you've spun. Usually highest win is the only that pays out, so this feature is pretty abnormal. It turns every normal symbol (A, K, Q, J) into Wild Symbols for each other.This game also features Mega Symbols, which take up a three by three space on the board.

If you're lucky enough to spin Three or more Bonus Babes, you'll earn yourself The Fortune Wheel Round. You'll be on the edge of your seat as you wait for The Fortune Wheel to land on your prize. There's no way to lose with this feature, you'll always be rewarded with at least a few solid bonuses, The Fortune Wheel Feature can trigger Free Games and more. What an amazing way to make Bonus Babes worth the spin. Free re-spins also have a chance to be triggered, the bonuses just don't stop!

The way features evolve in this Winning Vegas Slots makes it a top tier experience. Wins are common in this one, it's a blast - truly gives you the feeling that you're playing in a casino with Lady Luck on your side. Features are abundant and relatively easy to spin. Sometimes reels four and five will go alight slightly and take some extra time to s